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#1 Re: HAR 11-157 DOH-Proposed Rule Changes Pertaining to Hawai'i Vaccination Policy

Aloha, my name is [name withheld] and I am in opposition to HAR 11-157. Thank you everyone who rearranged their schedule to get here.  Your voices matter.  I know everyone here is striving for the same end which is keeping our keiki as healthy and safe as possible.

Before I begin I want to ask that everyone here as a medical professional consider a few questions.  Has history ever shown the medical establishment to be wrong about a medical procedure, drug or therapy?  True science is willing to question methodical dogma, even when the majority scoff at the idea.  I have no doubt most of you are deeply caring individuals who have a desire to heal and protect.  That’s why you do what you do.  That’s also why I urge you to reflect on the education you received regarding vaccines.  It being the one of the most routine treatments in any pediatrician’s office, did you spend countless hours learning all of the ingredients, the adverse reactions, and how to identify them?  Or was it mostly about the benefits? Did you learn how to give true fully informed consent?  Where are you required by federal law to report reactions (that hopefully you know how to identify)? What is the history of each disease and the huge mortality and incidence decrease in the 20th century prior to the introductions of the vaccines?  Brave and learned medical professionals have stepped forward, admitting they didn’t learn much about vaccines in school, and now, after reading the literature from both sides for themselves are standing up, concerned about the safety of vaccines.  Have you heard what your contemporaries have to say?  

A fact I trust you will not lose sight of is that safety testing for vaccines fails the golden standard of every other pharmaceutical drug.  Among the failings in vaccine safety studies are adjuvant safety testing individually and when combined as administered on the schedule.  

Listed in the Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary (1) some known adjuvants include: formaldehyde, blood-brain opening polysorbate 80, phenoxyethanol,  ammonium sulfate, human serum albumen, human-diploid fibroblast cell cultures WI-38, human diploid cells MRC-5. Fun fact: vaccine-creator Stanley Plotkin admitted in a deposition earlier 2018 that during said vaccine development, it took 76 aborted fetuses to get the right tissues needed for the culture (2).  Also included is fetal bovine serum, monkey kidney cells, african green monkey (VERO) cells, porcine derived gelatin (and porcine circoviruses in Rotarix) as well as egg and yeast proteins.  There are 60 or so more metal, chemical, human and animal organisms as adjuvants, including the controversial thimerosal still in multi-dose flu vials. (3) This is what’s being mandated into our keiki’s muscle tissue.

If that isn’t alarming, I trust the unlisted contaminants discovered in vaccines in these studies (4, 5) from Italy in 2017 & 2018 will be a surprise.  Contaminants found include: Barium, lead, stainless steel, tungsten, gold-zinc, platinum, silver, bismuth, iron, chromium, lead particles,morphologies of red cells (human or animal origin is unknown), and “debris” composed of aluminum, bromine, silicon, potassium and titanium. In some they also could not find the protein antigens that the vaccines were supposed to have.  Other independent tests have found glyphosate. (6)  

Now for Aluminum.  Many childhood vaccines contain it.  Aluminum is a known neurotoxin.  After learning that many “placebos” used in “safety studies” [including HPV(7)] are either other vaccines or aluminum adjuvant, I was surprised, and I would hope it surprises you too.  Placebos are supposed to be inert. Saline is a great placebo. If IA (injected aluminum) placebos were themselves shown to cause damage, would that nullify the study since the control contained this harmful substance?  

You may be surprised to hear that they do cause harm.  There is one study, known as the Mitkus study that vaccine advocates reference when questioned about the safety of IA. (8) It came under severe scrutiny this year from leading experts in the world on the neurotoxicity of Al.  In the paper criticizing the methods of the Mitkus study, the authors also mention other countries who have studies implicating aluminum-containing vaccines in chronic illness: 

“The occurrence of myalgia and arthralgia, chronic fatigue and neurological disorders following multiple injections of aluminum-containing vaccines against hepatitis B, tetanus and human papilloma virus (HPV) has been reported in many countries: Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, and USA.” (9)  

Recent studies have regarded IA as “poorly biodegradable”, with the potential to become “insidiously unsafe, especially in the case of over-immunization and immature/altered blood brain barrier…” as well as having potential for neurotoxic effects after long-term accumulation. (10, 11, 12, 13, 14)

To summarize the cited works, here is a summary of what a decade of emerging science on IA toxicity is saying. It can: 

1) impair brain development, 

2) remain in the brain much longer than thought, 

3) is brought into the brain by macrophages that grab the IA from the vaccine injection site and recirculate it, 

4) may actually be worse when injected in small doses repeatedly (like in vaccination) and,

5) remarkably high levels of aluminum have been found in brains of people diagnosed with autism. (15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21) 

IA is also showing to be implicit in damaging motor neurons creating conditions for Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s and Alzheimers (81)

I realize this hearing is about changes in the already mandatory schedule (unless exempt).  But after reviewing the science, please explain how mandating the injections of even more aluminum and other toxic adjuvants into our children will be of benefit to them in the long term?  WE HEAR YOU that they can achieve less cases of acute childhood illnesses, I am not saying they are useless.  But are they faultless?  Emerging science says NO, and it is looking bleak in regard to long-term damage, far worse than the vaccine narrative suggests.  Not all children are made the same and forward with more mandates is a mistake.  Before making Hawai’i the state with the most mandatory vaccinations for public education… lets wait and see what comes of these aluminum studies.  Do the pediatricians and nurses here know this and other information shared?  If you do, how could you not inform us of this? And if you don’t, then why the hell don’t you?  DOH you’ve got about 8-10 hours of hearing videos, a book we all sent you about HPV, and at least a few hundred written testimonies with study links and references to look at.  We expect answers to our questions, and knowledgable references to our citations.  You have some work to do.  Do it, and then honestly weigh the potential consequences of your decisions.  How much long term risk will our youth be subjected to because of careless mandates relying on flawed and outdated science? You have been given notice.

Where there is scientifically proven risk, there must be choice.  Choice that does not take away our children’s right to public education.  I have faith that the decision makers of the DOH, and also pediatricians and healthcare professionals…you are people of reason, willing to listen, and are big enough to change course when the facts warrant a change.  You are leaders and we are depending on you to do more bench research and read more than what is handed to you.  Listen.  Learn.  I have no doubts that there are outside, corporate and other pressures rushing to get these changes stamped and sealed.  We compel you to wait until you have updated your knowledge on this subject, as it will affect every child in this state.  Mahalo


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Recommended Websites and Books

Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries

How to End the Autism Epidemic by JB Handley

#2 Hilo


I am here today to oppose HAR 11-157. I am a US citizen and have lived in Hawaii for several years. There are not enough words in 7 languages to express the level of disgust I feel towards this proposed mandate. I have not come here to argue about vaccines. I am here to tell you that you do NOT have the right to dictate what goes in another person’s body. How dare you! This is a direct violation of human and civil rights, it violates the Nuremberg Code. We have rammed down our throats about a woman’s “right to choose” whether or not she terminates the life of her unborn child because “her body her choice” so why should we have unnecessary vaccinations forced upon us? Vaccinations that carry significant risk of side-effects, long term health problems and even death. MY body MY choice. My child’s body, MY choice as a parent to decide what is in my child’s best interests. Double standard. People are waking up the level of corruption at play here, the money involved, the pay-offs. We know Big Pharma pays insurance companies. Doctors swear to the hippocratic oath promising to heal and not harm. Well what a joke that is. Blue Cross Blue Shield pay doctors a $40,000 bonus for fully vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2. If the doctor manages to fully vaccinate 200 patients, that bonus jumps to $80,000.” Conflict of interest much? Well, here’s another: The CDC owns the patents on over 50 vaccines and makes billions of dollars every year.

So here are some questions for the board: How about some government transparency here? Why are you so desperate to mandate what has been withdrawn in other countries because of the THOUSANDS of vaccine injuries and deaths?? How much do you get paid by pharmaceutical companies to push these mandates through? Why are vaccine companies free from any liability? Why has no proper long term safety testing been done in over 30 years? Provide us with solid evidence that you have actually listened to our testimonies and read all the scientific peer-reviewed research papers that I know others have provided to you and not just thrown them in the trash. Show us your vaccine records, your families vaccine records. Be transparent, be accountable.

Each human body is unique and reacts differently. How about testing each individual for gene mutations, potential sensitivities allergies to vaccine ingredients BEFORE vaccinating. This alone would help save lives. That won’t be done though because it costs money…It’s always come down to money. No-one cares if a few kids die or spend their lives suffering due to adverse reactions and immune systems gone haywire.

This is not about the health and welfare of children, it is about money and control. This is a very dangerous slippery slope. What next? Obviously many more vaccines will be added year after year until people are walking pin-cushions. The ones that survive that is. Then what? Mandatory abortions? Mandatory euthanasia of those deemed to be of no use and a burden to society? Mandatory microchips in the hand?

No-one has the right to dictate to another what their beliefs should be, their religion, how they live and what they do with their own body. Show some respect for our civil rights. If someone touches another without consent, that is considered assault. Forcing a medical procedure is medical RAPE. Even God Himself gives us free choice. Speaking of which, one day you will stand before Him and you will have to give an account of what you have done. If this mandate passes innocent children will be injured or die as a result of dangerous mandatory vaccines, and YOU are responsible.

It is time to STOP playing Russian roulette and offering up our innocent children as sacrificial lambs on a platter to Big Pharma.

I thank you for your time and the opportunity to speak and I pray you listen.


HFIC Letter to Disease Outbreak Control Division of Hawai’i State Dept. of Health Re: HAR 11-157 Proposed Rule Changes to Vaccination Policy

HFIC Letter to DOH Re: Vaccination Policy Proposed Changes


Kapa’a, Kaua’i

To the Disease Outbreak Control Division,

To the Department of Health,
To the Humans working for the public’s well-being,
I strongly oppose HAR 11-157.
I strongly oppose any proposal of rules taking away the right to autonomy. 
This is a violation of human rights and constitutional rights.
How do you continue to bulldoze over known and said violations?
The public hearings are for YOU to hear what the public opinions are to help YOU gather what the public needs are.
It is very clear that the public says NO to HAR 11-157 throughout the entire Hawaiian islands.
It is NOT OK to continue to ignore DEATHS and BAD OUTCOMES from vaccines received in human bodies.
We are not experiments, samples nor robots to test how vaccines are effective or not.
One death is enough to acknowledge vaccines are not safe.  
One bad outcome is enough to acknowledge vaccines are not safe.
It is not about scientific proof, the deaths has occurred, the bad outcomes have occurred.
Very clear.
The many bad outcomes the families have had to deal with, it is their experience that matters and speaks the loudest and most clearly that deaths and bad outcomes have occurred and that they have chosen after the bad outcome in one or more of their children that they have decided not to vaccinate the others, showing the grand difference in a healthy NORMAL child versus a dead child/mentally disabled child.
You cannot take away choice.
It is the parent’s choice through thorough informed consent that they choose to vaccinate or not, their children who THEY care for for 24/7.
The government shall not mandate vaccines into any human being, ever.
Please educate yourself and others with some of the resources provided here for you.
1. The literature demonstrates clearly negative impacts of aluminum on the nervous system across the age span:
Immunol Res. 2013 Jul;56(2-3):304-16. doi: 10.1007/s12026-013-8403-1.

Aluminum in the central nervous system (CNS): toxicity in humans and animals, vaccine adjuvants, and autoimmunity.

2. Science: Increase in cancer cases as a consequence of eliminating febrile infectious diseases:
3.  Vaccines manufactured in human fetal cell lines contain unacceptably high levels of fetal DNA fragment contaminants. The human genome naturally contains regions that are susceptible to double strand break formation and DNA insertional mutagenesis. The “Wakefield Scare” created a natural experiment that may demonstrate a causal relationship between fetal cell-line manufactured vaccines and ASD prevalence: 
Issues Law Med.   2015 Spring;30(1):47-70.

Epidemiologic and Molecular Relationship Between Vaccine Manufacture and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Prevalence.

And we/you very much know that the vaccinated people are the carriers of the specific viruses they have been vaccinated for since the “immune system has created antibodies against that virus to circulate in that body” they can tolerate being carriers of the virus.  
*The solution is for the government to apply support/fund/access to build healthier soils, eat fresh garden vegetables, have clean water, exercise, educate how to prepare home remedies to keep the immune system healthy and strong, to stay home if the child is sick, to stay home if a parent is sick, to offer genuine help to families who are sick, to cover healthcare costs.
A healthy happy community will build everlasting support to the government that helps out the people who make up the community!

#5 Maui

My name is [name withheld] and I am mom of two perfectly healthy unvaccinated children on Maui.
Thank you for this opportunity to provide testimony. As a community member here in Hawaii and a health medical freedom advocate, I am writing to strongly oppose HAR-11-157.
I also request hearings on all islands.

I almost died from a vaccine years ago. My children can not receive vaccines because of that family history. Vaccine injury and death is NOT rare.
This proposal violates many sections of the United Declaration of human rights. Mandatory laws that threatens a childs education are unjust laws because they disproportionately target those in society without the family, community, or monatary support that would allow for home schooling their children. For what good reason will a perfectly healthy unvaccinated child not have the opportunity to get an education?
By allowing these proposals to go through we will see an outrage from the public. People would rather home school or move out of state then to vaccinate their keiki with a proven extremly dangerous vaccine, as the HPV vaccine.

Our keiki will NOT be your test subjects. It’s time to separate pharma and state. The ACIP meeting at the CDC Oct. 24th this year, pharmaceutical lobbyists outnumbered legislators. Our public health agencies and departments all have public-private partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.
Giving under influence to choose who stand in profit in the billions-liability free of adequate safety data. Then sits back to wait for “after-marketing” reporting.
WE, the public are the test subjects in aftermarket reporting. UNACCEPTABLE.

Why did state epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park testify against a bill this year to provide patients/parents full informed consent prior vaccination. Hence read a real insert and be told ALL adverse events that can follow after injection, such as death, seizures, brain swelling and paralysis.
She testified it could hurt her flu shot school program. Why is that? Conflicts of intrests? Should she be investigated?

Also who sponsors Hawaii immunization coalation? You will see many written testimonies from this group. Their arguments to support this rule change is weak and unjust.
They say they want mandates in school for certain vaccines to get high vaccination rates, and in return lower rates of vaccine-preventable diseases.
That statement is a lie. HPV vaccine has NEVER once been proven to prevent cervical cancer. New studies show that cervical cancer has INCREASED in the age group vaccinated for.
HPV is NOT a public health threat. Why would we vaccinate ALL Hawaii’s keiki with a vaccine that has injured over 59.000 children reported to VAERS and 326 deaths. FDA admits that only 1 to 10% of adverse events even get reported. So what numbers are we really looking at here.
There are criminal charges in many countries against the maker Merck(see link), same company that killed 60.000 Americans with vioxx. Why on earth would parents give their trust to this extremely dangerous product, with their childrens lives?

Their argument that vaccines protect the elderly, newborns and immuno-compromised can easy be dismissed. None of those attend school settings. Also they all DO get vaccinated. Including pregnant women. The only immuno-compromised that do not recive vaccines are cancer patients attending chemo. They are therefore also not in a school setting. Also this statement does not make any sense since recently vaccinated individuals can shed live virus. Hence recently vaccinated can not give blood for six weeks after live virus injection, nor are they allowed to visit cancer patients during that time.

Another argument is the theory of herd immunity. Another lie. 94% of the adult population is notuptodate with their vaccines. Therefore completely unvaccinated since vaccines IF they even work, wane about 2 to 5 years. Should adults not be able to attend work then if not fully uptodate with the adult schedule of 120 doses vaccines. Anyone can spread disease. There are thousands of infectious diseases but somehow people fear only the 13 we have vaccines for. Why is that? It is called propaganda that is pushed in every direction. I get bribed with a $5 giftcard at Wallmart to go get a free flu shot for the clerk to reach their quota for bonus. That is NOT for health. Please stop this madness.

Also all recent outbreaks has been in fully vaccinated individuals. Syracuse mumps outbreak was in 100% fully vaccinated individuals. Their faulty dangerous products should NOT be forced upon anyone.

When a product injures and kills thousands of people it gets taken off the market. Except when it’s a vaccine. It’s get mandated.

NCVIA of 1986 is passed by Congress and provides total liability protection to the vaccine maker. Same year the vaccine schedule trippled. Coincidence?
U.S citizens are no longer able to sue a vaccine maker if they are injured compensation are now paid out of taxes, not by the vaccine makers. Only signed into law bacause they no longer found it profitable if they had to be responsible for all injuries and death.

By passing proposed changes you are opening a door for catastrophic proportions. Parents will refuse to bring their children to school under such oppressing and criminal laws.
Medical freedom is our basic human right. Where there is a risk there must be a choice. Parents responsibilities are for their children not the false propaganda marketing gimmick “for the herd”.
I respectfully request that proposed changes to be thrown out due to the fact it is based on profit over our childrens health, and that we as parents decide what goes in our children’s bodies. If we loose that right. What true rights do we truly have, that should upset every single citizen of this country.
I am begging you to look at all the facts and science. Not only the one that protects profit.
Pono, do what is right.
Do not support this unjust, medical tyranny proposal.
We all deserve more freedom, not less.
Oppose HAR-11-157.



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YOUR Children. YOUR Choice.

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