Could the pharmaceutical industry be getting desperate to steer people to take vaccines? Watch below Del Bigtree’s report on the cringey segment of the 2019 Golden Globe Awards Show during which “nurses” were summoned to fan out into the audience, Read more…

Report on alleged fraud by Department of Justice attorneys who reportedly mischaracterized their own physician expert witness’ testimony, resulting in the rejection of thousands of subsequent vaccine injury claims.

Highwire with Del Bigtree: US Government Loses the Great Vaccine Debate

ACIP in Action: Proof Vaccines are NOT TESTED ADEQUATELY

The ‘Godfather of Vaccines’ – Dr. Stanley Plotkin – Admits Under Oath to Unethical Testing Practices

Researcher Theresa Deisher Guelph on Human Fetal DNA and Other Components in Vaccines

Sam Smalls of Maui Causes Interviews HFIC on HAR 11-157 Proposed Rule Changes

Opening of the Hawai’i State Legislature 2019

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