when there is risk, there must be choice

Your RIGHT to informed consent is under attack--from multiple fronts

"The 'vaccine-hesitant'--the WHO's politer term--often wave ignorant junk-science claims that vaccines cause autism."
Froma harrop
Star Advertiser Feb 3, 2019

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Some informed consent-related issues:

Vaccine Mandates

This issue inspired the formation of Hawaii For Informed Consent. Help us to inform our public officials we will not tolerate mandates of these liability-free products with a track record of injury and no inert placebo-controlled safety testing.

Water Fluoridation

Learn more about this multi-decades-long practice of disposal of industrial waste into municipal water supplies. Many communities around the world are rejecting fluoridated water.


Dr. Stephanie Seneff teaches about her findings related to this herbicide via her papers, lectures and a new book coming later this year.


Some of us are old enough to remember skies without striped, man-made, chemical "clouds" which may be comprised of toxic particles. Those particles may end up in your brain. Did you consent? Search terms: Strategic aerosol injection, solar radiation management, albedo modification.


Will this touted next-generation technology exact a hefty toll on our health? Some are sounding alarm bells about 5G technology's potential ability to damage DNA. This topic must be explored and discussed before it's too late.


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first do no harm

Demand your right, or risk losing it forever.