Corvelva Association (Italy) has published a series of papers analyzing vaccine sample contents quantitatively and qualitatively, some of which have been translated into English from Italian. Their results raise questions about safety and efficacy of those particular vaccines.


Corvelva asserts that the vaccine manufacturers’ labels do not match the actual contents of the batches they have analyzed.  


We call for similar industry-independent studies of all American-marketed vaccines.


See their papers on Gardasil 9 — an American-marketed HPV vaccine for girls, boys and adults — to be required in some states for school enrollment eligibility.


Hawai’i’s State Department of Health has proposed vaccine policy rule changes to require Gardasil 9 as a requirement for all seventh graders, beginning in 2020.

...we are researching the quality of the vaccines and as a consequence we are able to draw information about their safety and efficacy, and in fact it seems difficult to understand how it is possible to say these products can create protective antibodies against the 6 diseases they should protect from, and even harder to understand how these contents can be claimed as not toxic to newborns, as we can’t find any traces of many unidentifiable compounds in the main databases. As always, we are awaiting the opinion of the scientific community on this matter.

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