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UPDATE 2/18/2019: HB1182 is “dead” since Chairman Mizuno did not schedule the bill for hearing.

UPDATE 2/5/2019: Chairman Mizuno’s office staff has confirmed he has “decided to NOT schedule” HB1182 for a hearing. Please continue the calls to urge him to hear it, anyway.

January 14, 2019

We hope to see throngs of supporters at the opening of the 2019 Hawai’i State Legislature! Please join us in our effort to educate legislators on our concerns. It takes all of us—not just a couple of the same people year after year attending hearings at the Capitol. They will not be inspired to hear and accommodate our position unless they understand that voters are with us in support, drawing the line in the sand against further incursions on our right to informed consent. Send them a message that they ought not cross that line!

January 8,  2019

Please follow this link to Children’s Health Defense’s Call to Action – don’t miss journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s report on Full Measure: Department of Justice attorneys allegedly suppressed and mischaracterized testimony by their own expert witness, Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, which resulted in thousands of vaccine injury claims being denied adjudication.

January 2019

UPDATE on DOH’s Proposed Rule Changes to Hawai’i Administrative Rules (HAR) 11-157 [pertaining to Hawai’i’s State vaccination policy]:

Island-wide hearings have been completed by Hawai’i Department of Health! We await DOH’s response to the many testimonies, questions and letters from the public. Stay tuned to our media for updates.

New Vaccine Requirements for Hawai'i students are Coming...

unsplash-logoHyttalo Souza

  ...from HI Department of Health-Proposed Rule Changes, bypassing the State Legislature via 2013 Act deferring authority to HI DOH

Basic Info on the Proposed Rule Changes:

The Hawai’i Department of Health has held island-wide public hearings on proposed rule changes to include NEW VACCINE REQUIREMENTS for Hawai’i’s children. (See links at right for official documentation.) Some of the proposed changes include:

  • HPV and Meningococcal vaccine for all seventh graders
  • Influenza vaccine for all young children [see Exhibit A, Table 1 in the link]
  • Hepatitis A vaccine for all children
  • Additional dose of MMR for post-secondary school attendance and Meningococcal vaccine for all first-year students living in on-campus housing
  • Enhanced reporting requirements for health practitioners and schools
  • Enhanced reporting requirements for medical and religious exemptions
  • Blanket adoption of recommendations from Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices [ACIP] as they are approved [see this video for a shining example of ACIP’s abhorrent and negligent decision-making process in action; see also in this link, watch ACIP vote on its new vaccine schedule recommendations, unanimously–immediately after hearing the impassioned comments and criticisms by members of the public at their latest meeting]

Suggestions for responding to these proposed rule changes to Hawai’i Administrative Rules/HAR 11-157:

First, learn about

  • your right to informed consent
  • the difference between the inadequate patient information offered on the CDC’s “Vaccine Information Statements” [VISs] versus the more complete information provided on the actual vaccine manufacturers’ package inserts [not typically viewed by vaccine-administering health care workers and physicians; they can be found published online at the FDA website, here]
  • the numerous victims of vaccine injury not acknowledged by the pharmaceutical industry-propagandized medical establishment
  • the fact that more and more physicians and healthcare workers are speaking out about potentially harmful, one-size-fits-all vaccination policies and the great disparity in claims about “the science” supporting the safety and efficacy of vaccination against communicable diseases
  • the fact that there are hundreds of new vaccines coming down the manufacturing pipeline–will the mainstream medical community ever recognize any limit to the number of vaccines to be mandated, or are we to be perpetually at the mercy of the pharmaceutical industry to roll up our sleeves to accept their products and contaminants?
  • the fact that industry money is interfering in the once-sacred doctor-patient relationship — does your vaccine-pushing healthcare team derive financial gain by vaccinating you and/or your family members? ASK!
  • vaccine contamination by toxic metals, chemicals and xenobiological agents, like animal- and fetal-derived human DNA–is it really so difficult to imagine where the current epidemic of skyrocketing auto-immunity may be stemming from?
  • the fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics [AAP] has expressed eagerness to see removed ALL non-medical vaccine exemptions
  • the nationwide legislative assault on Americans’ vaccine exemptions
  • media fear-mongering which quickly blames “unvaccinated” people as the cause for outbreaks of measles, mumps, flu, polio, pertussis, etc. without discussing the phenomena which implicate vaccines themselves in the SPREAD of disease, such as viral shedding from vaccines and strain replacement
  • the 2013 Hawai’i State legislation which empowered the Hawai’i Department of Health with extensive, excessive latitude to make and alter health policy in the State; decision-making power now resides in very few individuals, if not a single individual, whereas beforehand, there were at least customary checks and balances


  • Read the proposed rule changes and consider their potential impact
  • Educate friends and family on the issue of these mandates, and urge them to get involved to protect their right to informed consent
  • It is critical that you support your testimony with citations to scientific studies and/or videos. We must counterbalance the too-common fallacy that all doctors agree about vaccine safety and efficacy. They do not, and more and more of them are going public, despite the professional/financial/legal repercussions that have ensued for some who speak out. We anticipate that these rule changes will go forward, despite public opposition evidenced at these statewide hearings. Our next legal recourse will be a lawsuit, for which we must have it in the hearing record that we supported our testimonies with relevant oppositions to these DOH-proposed rule changes.
  • CALL YOUR LOCAL LEGISLATORS TO INFORM THEM OF THIS EGREGIOUS OVER-REACH BY DOH–UNELECTED, UNIDENTIFIED DECISION-MAKERS, WHO DID NOT BOTHER TO ATTEND THE HEARINGS TO LISTEN TO THE PUBLIC. There is no rule in Hawai’i Administrative Rule Chapter 91 [which governs the official conduct of the Hawai’i State Department of Health] compelling DOH officials besides a “hearing officer” [non-decision-maker] to attend, nor to even listen directly to the state’s recordings of the hearings! WOW! The hearing officer present at some of the hearings stated that the UNIDENTIFIED/UNKNOWN-TO-THE-PUBLIC decision-makers are to receive a TRANSCRIPT of the audio recordings. Yet, nothing in the rules compels these decision-makers to read them, or HEAR you! Was this process of hearings merely a checkblock obstacle for them to roll forward on these rule changes? LET YOUR LEGISLATORS KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS. If injuries were to occur after newly mandated school eligibility vaccination requirements, you can be fairly certain that no DOH or public official will be there to hold your hand when caregiving the injured. Just ask the many parents whose children suffered tragic outcomes after vaccination, like the McDowells, whose triplets reportedly ALL became profoundly autistic within hours of their single pneumococcal vaccines; they were all completely healthy and neurotypical prior to vaccination. Coincidence? “Couldn’t be the vaccines”, as some doctors might insist?!? Their experience with their physician “firing” them is NOT isolated.
  • Tell your legislators how you feel about this lack of accountability of DOH decision-makers in infringing on your RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT. This is unlike a legislative matter in which legislators are more accountable to the public for their actions and inactions by having to appeal to the people for re-election. On the contrary, DOH unidentified/undisclosed decision-makers do not face re-election. They don’t even face a hypothetical critical media if they remain unidentified. How convenient that they get to be the proposers of rule changes, judge and jury in the process, and finally, not even have to face the public outcry or ramifications of any awry policy.
  • Submit written testimony via email to, or via post to Disease Outbreak Control Division [DOCD], 1250 Punchbowl Street, Room 443, Honolulu, HI 96813 [officially, must be received no later than Wednesday, December 26, 2018 at 4:00pm, Hawai’i Standard Time


  • Be alert to future encroachments on medical and religious exemptions, which could be done with the stroke of a pen; we anticipate impending attempts to curtail our current medical exemption right and to remove our religious exemption. Watch for any future updates to the status of our legal exemptions and any further encroachments on medical freedom and informed consent [see this PBS Hawai’i discussion of religious exemptions]
  • Connect with like-minded people in Hawai’i and across the US concerned with  preserving our right to the traditional definition of informed consent [not to be confused with the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) recent atttempt to redefine informed consent
  •  Join our email list for updates on future legislative action, educational events  and advocacy
  • Remember, this is a marathon–not a sprint; don’t get discouraged and apathetic as a result of such encroachments on our medical freedom–get involved! 
"The AAP views nonmedical exemptions to school-required immunizations as inappropriate for individual, public health, and ethical reasons and advocates for their elimination."

When there is risk there must be a choice!

YOUR Children. YOUR Choice.

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