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Could the pharmaceutical industry be getting desperate to steer people to take vaccines? Watch below Del Bigtree’s report on the cringey segment of the 2019 Golden Globe Awards Show during which “nurses” were summoned to fan out into the audience, wielding open-needled syringes in search of willing vaccinees to receive complimentary flu shots. Some of the glitteratti were televised recoiling in horror from the robotic Terminator nurses. 

Completely lacking during the stunt was an informed consent process for the audience participants. 

The nurses apparently failed to provide audience members with the mandatory [and inadequate] one-to two-page CDC Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) which are supposed to be given to all people prior to vaccination. With any other invasive medical procedure, it is standard practice to allow for weighing of potential known benefits versus potential known adverse events. Unfortunately, this televised stunt parallels the lack of truly informed consent process for many vaccinees in which little discussion of risks occurs.

We regrettably are on the slippery slope of drive-thru medicine, much to the pharmaceutical industry’s delight. Pharmacists now vaccinate in Hawai’i–just in time for the rollout of hundreds of new vaccines currently in production. Are pharmacists taking and recording medical histories and adequately assessing people for contraindications to vaccination? We slipped a bit further down the slope, as it was recently announced in media that the US military has instituted standing orders for nurses to administer HPV vaccine to both male and female military members–a vaccine notorious for it’s association with injury, more here.

Are you comfortable on this path toward increasingly automated, impersonal “health care,” quick to offer [arguably minimally tested or inadequately tested] medications and procedures without more thorough consideration of risks and benefits to you specifically, with your unique genetic profile and your particular environmental sensitivities?

I strongly urge all people considering vaccines for themselves and/or their family members to read not only applicable VISs for each vaccine, but also the applicable vaccine manufacturers’ package inserts, which most nurses and physicians do not access and read. This ought to be a fundamental step in obtaining informed consent from a patient pre-vaccination; sadly, there are healthcare workers who remain unaware of the mere existence of vaccine package inserts, which can be found online at the FDA website, here. Acknowledged contaminants from the vaccine manufacturing process can be found listed on the CDC website, here. Print these to share with your healthcare team as a routine part of the informed consent process, which is your right.

Just to further complicate the issue of “informed consent” to vaccination using manufacturer package inserts as a main source of information on each vaccine, here is Dr. Suzanne Humphries discussing the lack of congruence between the package inserts and the actual components of some vaccines:

Questions and concerns about vaccines should be raised with physicians. Potential adverse events must be explored for a proper costs versus benefits assessment, as with any medical procedure.

The dollar amount of payouts for acknowledged vaccine injuries just recently surpassed $4 Billion for the estimated small fraction of adverse event claims accepted by the extra-judicial, pharmaceutical industry-contrived, taxpayer funded “Vaccine Court”].

Do not tolerate healthcare personnel eagerness to shortcut your right to more fully informed consent. Heed the tear-streaked admonitions of those who learned this lesson the hard way, who are now caring for loved ones or mourning the loss of loved ones who did not receive the benefit of a robust informed consent process with their healthcare team administering vaccines.

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Frightening revelations by this nurse, telling the story of a patient suffering from Guillain-Barré Syndrome post-vaccination, highlighting the potentially grave consequence of a broken process of informed consent to medical procedures.

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