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    Listen to Dr. Stanley Plotkin, “The Godfather of Vaccines,” admitting to immoral testing of experimental vaccines on children of incarcerated people, people under colonial rule, mentally challenged people, orphans…WHERE IS THE PUBLIC OUTRAGE for this modern-day Dr. Mengele?  Read more…

CDC Document: Vaccine Excipients and Media Summary

Want to have fun at your next medical appointment? Here’s a suggestion: Print out at least two copies of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] document entitled Vaccine Excipients and Media Summary to share with members of your healthcare Read more…

Hawaii for Informed Consent welcomes you to our site and to our first blog post! This post is longer than what you can expect to read here in the future, but it establishes our purpose. It is our mission to Read more…

Highwire with Del Bigtree: Measles for Dumbies

Highwire with Del Bigtree: US Government Loses the Great Vaccine Debate

ACIP in Action: Proof Vaccines are NOT TESTED ADEQUATELY

The ‘Godfather of Vaccines’ – Dr. Stanley Plotkin – Admits Under Oath to Unethical Testing Practices

Researcher Theresa Deisher Guelph on Human Fetal DNA and Other Components in Vaccines

Opening of the Hawai’i State Legislature 2019

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