Ask Your Doctor About Vaccine Ingredients

CDC Document: Vaccine Excipients and Media Summary

Want to have fun at your next medical appointment?

Here’s a suggestion:

  • Print out at least two copies of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] document entitled Vaccine Excipients and Media Summary to share with members of your healthcare team.
  • Ask them to certify that those injected ingredients are safe for you and your children. [Known toxicities of some of the individual ingredients can be found in the PubChem database.]

Some people–particularly healthcare workers–are astounded when they read the list for the first time. They expect to find more benign ingredients, based on the barrage of media and medical authority claims of vaccine “safety.” They do not expect to find such a toxic witches’ brew, including:

human-diploid fibroblast cell cultures (strain WI-38)…fetal bovine serum…monosodium glutamate [MSG]…human serum albumin…magnesium stearate…FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye…acetone…castor oil…aluminum phosphate…formaldehyde…casein…inorganic salts…Fenton medium containing a bovine extract…aluminum hydroxide…polysorbate 80 (Tween 80)…VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells…calf serum…neomycin sulfate…polymyxin B…ammonium sulfate…modified Mueller-Miller casamino acid medium without beef heart infusion…MRC-5 cells…normal human diploid cells…CMRL 1969 medium supplemented with calf serum…Medium 199 without calf serum…2-phenoxyethanol…synthetic medium…formalin…complex fermentation medium…soy peptone…mineral salts…potassium aluminum sulfate…amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate…sodium borate…non-viral protein…bovine albumin…aminoglycoside antibiotic…yeast protein…L-histidine…squalene…thimerosal…egg proteins…beta-propiolactone…ovalbumin…octoxynol-10 (Triton X-100)…lipids…Madin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cell protein…MDCK cell DNA…semi-synthetic media…ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)…chick embryo cell culture…hydrolyzed gelatin…CRM197 carrier protein…phenol…chicken fibroblasts…streptomycin…kanamycin…E. coli…cell culture media…vero cells [DNA from porcine circoviruses (PCV) 1 and 2 has been detected in RotaTeq. PCV-1 and PCV-2 are not known to cause disease in humans]…phenol red…guinea pig cell cultures…hydrolyzed porcine gelatin…

The ingredients above are a partial listing aggregated from the four-page CDC summary; they are not all reported as being in every vaccine.

Did you know that vaccine manufacturers themselves are responsible for providing the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] with safety and efficacy data for product marketing approval? Does it sound any alarms of potential conflict-of-interest?

Instead of relatively inert placebos, like sterile water or saline solution, some vaccines are safety tested using aluminum-containing placebos. This does NOT qualify such “vaccine studies” as having met the so-called “gold standard” of scientific inquiry–placebo-controlled, randomized, double blind studies–that we in health care have been taught to expect. Using aluminum in a placebo control group would skew data and conclusions if people in that group were to have reactions to aluminum, along with the test group; adverse effects could be masked.

Here’s a video clip of Penn & Teller mocking a woman expressing her concerns about some of the toxic vaccine components on the list:

Did you fall for this “debunking” of her legitimate concerns? Media is a virtual minefield of messages touting vaccine safety and efficacy and berating anyone who challenges that mantra.

Jimmy Kimmel also stepped into the ring to promote vaccination and to belittle concerned “anti-vaxxers”:

Here is medical correspondent, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, imploring everyone to just comply with medical authorities and to stop doing their own inquiries into vaccine safety and efficacy:

It ought to send up a red warning flag when anyone tells you to not do your own research–particularly someone on a major TV network funded in large part by Pharma advertising. Take in opposing viewpoints and assess people’s credibility for yourself, considering who might be getting paid for their recommendations. Source quality is important, as are parental and self-preservation instincts. A hallmark of brainwashing is not being open-minded enough to even listen to opposing viewpoints for balance.

Too many people delegate their own critical inquiry to media and medical personnel who have not looked into or who refuse to acknowledge documentation by independent researchers. These trusting people are the ones who may have to live with grave consequences of vaccine injury to self or a loved one. Beware.

Here are some parents who wish they had not blindly trusted medical community dogma on vaccination safety:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries, nephrologist [kidney specialist] and co-author of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History, on vaccine ingredients and manufacturing process:

In an upcoming blog post, you will read about “SV-40” [Simian Virus #40]—a contaminant detected in lots of the original injectable polio vaccines, which was given to people in the 1950s and ‘60s. Stay tuned…

Feel free to discuss your reaction to the CDC’s posted ingredients list in the comment section below. If you actually follow through on this suggestion to discuss the list with your healthcare team, please share your experience here in the comments, as well!

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Back in 1998, a doctor in Great Britain published a small study claiming that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) caused children to develop autism . The study was incredibly flawed both in design and controls; subsequent research failed to show any link between the MMR vaccine and autism.


Thank you for bringing that up. The doctor you are referring to, Andrew Wakefield, has publicly offered his side of the story in online interviews. One ought to hear him prior to jumping on the biased media bandwagon. His book, Callous Disregard, lays out the details, as well. His co-researcher, John Walker-Smith was fully exonerated in a legal proceeding after Walker-Smith’s insurance carrier defended him in the British judicial system. Wakefield’s insurance carrier declined to offer legal defense for Wakefield. In addition to the interviews Wakefield has done, he gave a well-received speech to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Wakefield articulately refutes each of your statements and offers many details about his persecution that point to corruption.


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