“Vaccines are public health measures that are not evidence- based as portrayed by authorities such as the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). For example, despite political propaganda to the contrary, the scientific reality is vaccines are not subjected to the same kind of clinical trials as other drugs are. They are classified not as drugs but as biologics allowing them to be routinely approved and mandated with little to no evidence of efficacy or safety, while at the same time actual evidence of harm is systematically ignored by vaccine manufacturers and authorities who work together under multiple unethical conflicts of interest. Consequently, vaccines are a grave threat to public health and medical ethics. Furthermore, informed consent in vaccination is deeply endangered today both in medical practice and as an ethical principle in society. Natural immunity is similarly endangered today due to modern vaccination policy. Promoting categorically unsafe vaccines and discouraging the responsible development of natural immunity has become state sponsored policy where the policy itself is what gets protected – not the public.” 

“With hundreds of new vaccines in the pipeline, the human race may not survive a few hundred years more of vaccines as currently employed. Thus, vaccine risk awareness and informed consent are the real protectors of public health at this critical time in history.”