New Vaccine Mandates Approved By Governor Ige For 2020

New Vaccine Mandates

Hawai’i now is beholden to all ACIP vaccine recommendations and administrative guidelines:

  • To be eligible for school in Hawai’i—public or private, from daycare thru college freshmen—the Department of Health has mandated that all of ACIP’s federally recommended vaccines may become requirements. See Hawaii’s  new requirements, effective July 1st, 2020.
  • Watch this video to see the reckless decision-making process of ACIP in action:
  • ACIP renders the American public as virtual post-marketing guinea pigs by unanimously approving this new vaccine, (which incorporates a novel immune-stimulating adjuvant), even despite the FDA’s clear concern over heart attacks observed during clinical trials. Included in the post-marketing data collection is a “pregnancy registry” where pregnant women who receive the new, incompletely tested vaccine can be followed for adverse events.
  • At HFIC’s request, Governor Ige was briefed in-person by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about his federal lawsuit for fraud against Gardasil’s manufacturer, Merck, and was warned by MIT researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff about strong association between vaccines and the current epidemic of chronic illness in American children. Despite this vital information, Ige approved the proposed rule changes, including the controversial Gardasil HPV vaccine to be required for all seventh graders and beyond—BOYS AND GIRLS. Many Hawai’i residents came out to the rule change hearings in Nov-Dec 2018 to offer their moving testimonies in opposition. The testimonies merely were summarized for the decision-makers and not necessarily heard or seen on audio/video.
  • Almost every state across our nation is facing similar draconian governmental measures which violate freedom and body sovereignty. Coincidence? It is evident that adult mandates also are on the agenda, as evidenced by CA Senator Pan’s latest Resolution.

Are YOU Up-To-Date?

Most adults are not up-to-date. Kids interact with adults. Vaccine “herd immunity”- Never had it, Never will.

Vaccine Exemptions

  • Religious exemption to vaccine mandates is still available in Hawai’i, but most likely will face a state legislative bill in January 2020 for complete removal.  Hawai’i State Epidemiologist, Sarah Park, M.D., encourages people to support removal of non-medical exemptions to mandatory vaccination for school eligibility on this June 2019 radio program.

The time to act to preserve our freedom is NOW—NOT after oppressive bills pass. PLEASE HELP!

  • Medical exemptions now will have to be in a “form or format specified by the department… due to a stated cause, in conformance with recognized medical practices.” It is not clear whether a separate exemption will be required for each and every vaccine. 
  • ACIP’s “General Best Practice Guidelines” regarding precautions & contraindications to vaccination: Exhibit B, Table 4.1 and Table 4.2 Pages 54-63  do not take into account family history, or the numerous adverse reactions clearly listed on vaccine manufacturer’s package inserts. The primary condition listed in the tables above that qualifies as a contraindication to vaccination is “severe allergic reaction (e.g. anaphylaxis) after a previous dose.” These stringent guidelines will make it VERY DIFFICULT to qualify for a medical exemption….. and may force susceptible populations to be excluded from the ethical precept: “First, do no harm.

Reporting Requirements

  • Student privacy rights and FERPA Law continue to be violated by DOH’s requirement that all schools and doctors report (supposedly CONFIDENTIAL) names of anyone opting for medical and religious exemptions to the DOH. 

The doctor-patient relationship no longer is sacred, nor confidential.

Call To Action

Stand with us in sending a clear message to the Hawai’i State Government:

1. Write a letter to your legislators in the Hawai’i Senate and House of Representatives sharing your disapproval of Governor Ige’s signing into law the DOH amendments to HAR 11-157.

They need to hear your personal vaccine injury story—best of all, face-to-face, but also in writing and/or on video to educate others in Hawai’i.

2. Make an appointment to share with legislators in person. Cultivate  a relationship, NOW—before the next legislative session begins, which is TOO LATE.

  • VACCINES MUST BE SAFETY TESTED LIKE ALL OTHER PHARMACEUTICALS: long term studies using INERT placebos, and in combination—as they are administered.
  • VACCINES INJURE AND FAIL: We must question the ethics of laws mandating the use of liability-free pharmaceutical products, which can harm or fail to work.
    • That vaccines injure people is not disputed by the Federal Government. All keiki and adults deserve equal protection under the law—not just the chosen “immunocompromised” we are told we must sacrifice for.
    • Vaccine failure, not failure to vaccinate, is the cause of many outbreaks.

3. Support our launch of Children’s Health Defense-Hawaii Chapter! 

Our official nonprofit will be up-and-running soon. Please stay tuned to the national website at and join our CHD-HI email list, when available [not yet], for further local announcements and how to get involved.

Under the guidelines, recommendations and oversight of our current public health agencies, we have witnessed the greatest decline in children’s health in the history of mankind. The science definitely is not settled, but rather is in need of further independent scrutiny, by entities not tainted by conflict-of-interest. If our nation is to have a viable future, we cannot neglect to fairly study the possible role of vaccines in the decline of children’s health.

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